Brains for Lunch: A Zombie Novel in Haiku?!

By K.A. Holt

Illustrated by Gahan Wilson

Reviewed by Jordan B. Nielsen

Recommended for: All the strange poets and zombie lovers in your life, ages 10 and Up.

One Word Summary: Experimental.

Zombies in Haiku?

And you’d thought you’d seen it all

Enter K.A. Holt

Loeb is a Zombie

Still a normal teenager

Save for rotting flesh

His school’s pretty weird

The humans are called ‘Lifers’

Zombies are called ‘Zs’

Oh and I forgot

There’s also Chupacabras

Just to make things fun

They don’t get along

Undertones of racism

Permeate this tale

Poor Loeb has a crush

A human girl named Ivy

A major taboo

To impress the girl

He enters the talent show

With his own haikus

Haiku may seem tough

But Zombies aren’t poetic

It’s just how they think

The stage is set

Everyone thinks Zs are dumb

Will Loeb prove them wrong?

He may win Ivy

But can he fight his nature?

And his lust for brains?

The point is the form

Haiku, the Japanese art

For younger readers

Does it work? Well, yes.

It’s sometimes hard to follow.

Often, words are dropped.

But if kids like it?

It gets them reading poems?

Maybe a win-win.

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© Jordan B. Nielsen, 2012