Aliens on Vacation

By Clete Barrett Smith

One Word Summary: Intergalac-tastic.

This book made me understand, in the most enthusiastic way possible, why people want to believe in aliens,

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The Clockwork Three

By Matthew J. Kirby

One Word Summary: Mawkish.

Should Kirby produce another book, I’ll be willing to pretend that The Clockwork Three, his debut novel, never happened.

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One Crazy Summer

By Rita Williams-Garcia

One Word Summary: Vibrant.

That crack you hear when opening the first pages of ‘One Crazy Summer’ isn’t the binding breaking open, it’s the sound of a starting pistol launching a story that runs with grace, speed and power.

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A Tale Dark & Grimm

By Adam Gidwitz

One Word Summary: Playful.

Gidwitz creatins a new depiction of several stories from the Grimm universe, smattering them with generous streaks of blood and gore, like a psychopathic Jackson Pollock.

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The Secret of Zoom

By Lynne Jonell

One Word Summary: Zippy.

With endless creativity and skillful pacing, it’s as if Jonell has made all the most thrilling plot choices for you

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The Emerald Atlas

By John Stephens

One Word Summary: Calculated.

Stephens may have the machinery of a great children’s fantasy book, but he lacks the engine.

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The Black Book of Secrests

By F.E. Higgins

One Word Summary: Dickensian.

If we gave more than just one word in our One Word Summaries, I might call this work, “A Pretty Solid Start”.

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How to Rock Braces and Glasses

By Meg Haston

One Word Summary: Off-Key.

As far as learning ‘How to Rock Braces and Glasses’, here’s to hoping the TV show rocks a little harder than the book does.

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The Girl Behind the Glass

By Jane Kelley

One Word Summary: Spectral.

For some, like me, this book will lack bite, but for younger readers it may be just the right amount of scary.

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The Tower of Geburah

By John White

One Word Summary: Magical.

Much like its predecessors, Geburah successfully carry on the tradition of a wildly adventurous other-worldly fantasy.

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Shoeless Joe

By W.P. Kinsella

One Word Summary: Heavy-Handed.

I wanted to like the book. I really did.

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By Brian Selznick

One Word Summary: Uneven.

Without the hunger for another Hugo providing the initial excitement in the book’s first few pages, Wonderstruck’s overall effect is at best moving and at worst reaching and awkward.

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