By Lauren Myracle

One Word Summary: Charming.

This is an entirely wholesome and heartfelt book that perfectly captures the joy, awkwardness, delight and heartbreak  of fifth grade.

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By Deborah Wiles

One Word Summary: Sobering.

Until reading Countdown I never really considered the Cuban Missile Crisis or how petrifying an experience that must have been for the nation.

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By Carl Hiaasen

One Word Summary: Earnest.

Hoot is a solid, mostly unfaultable story. Lets call it a step in the

right direction.

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Dick and Jan and Vampires

By Laura Marchesani

One Word Summary: Surprising.

Recommended for: Anyone old enough to have a sense of irony. Reading level: First grade. Content level: Teen and up.

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The School Story

By Andrew Clements

One Word Summary: Precious.

The only thing that could make The School Story more charming would be if Andrew Clements turned out to be the pseudonym for an eleven-year-old girl.

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The Game of Sunken Places

By M.T. Anderson

One Word Summary: Messy.

There are glimmers of a rich and incredibly complex world coming through in the story that occasionally draw you into the phantasmagoria, but the rest of it is basically incoherent.

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Brains for Lunch

By K.A. Holt

One Word Summary: Experimental.

Zombies in Haiku?

And you’d thought you’d seen it all

Enter K.A. Holt

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The Kneebone Boy

By Ellen Potter

One Word Summary: Unsettling.

Superbly written with smart charm, thoroughly rounded and lovable main characters, and a winning narrative device, ‘The Kneebone Boy’ stands as the best book I ever didn’t like.

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Justin Case

By Rachel Vail

One Word Summary: Neurotic.

If Woody Allen or David Sedaris were to have kept a diary when they were in third grade, it undoubtedly would have read like ‘Justin Case’, a sharp, quirky narrative that explodes with personality

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